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Apply to the Studio

Embark on a transformative summer experience. Work one-on-one with an established writer. Share your voice on the world stage. We're so excited that you're applying to the 2022 Incandescent Summer Studio! We have so much in store for you.

We accept Mentee applications from young writers ages 11-14, from anywhere in the world. The application is a ten- to fifteen-minute form: click here for a .pdf of all the questions.


In keeping with our commitment to a fair and equitable program, our admissions are strictly need-blind. The financial aid application is folded into the Mentee Application as an optional section.

Applications for the 2022 Mentee Cohort have been extended to June 11, 2022. We will release admissions decisions on June 20, 2022.


HOW IS MY APPLICATION EVALUATED? Admission to the Summer Studio is selective. But we review every application carefully and contextually. Our team of readers does a first pass on our application pool, and then our mentors choose their mentees based on the student they feel they can help most.

HOW CAN I CRAFT A GOOD APPLICATION? We're looking for promise, not polish. We're looking for students who show up for themselves and their peers. The most important quality we're looking for is excitement; if you love writing, let that show!

WHAT ARE SOME ADMISSIONS DECISIONS I CAN RECIEVE? When we release our admissions decisions on June 17, there are three decisions you may receive: Accept, Waitlist, or Decline. A decline is not a reflection of you; it could just be that you weren't a stylistic match for our mentors. Waitlisted applicants will be standing by for a spot.

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