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Hear what our students have to say. Now in our third year of operation, the Incandescent Studio has educated two cohorts of talented mentees -- many of whom report increased confidence, increased passion, and increased discipline in their writing practice post-Studio. Listen to their voices and experiences below. 

I can say that I like writing even more now.

-- E. Y., Prose Mentee

Before the Studio I never had someone of my age to read my pieces and give me feedback […] the Studio, being an environment where people give you a positive thought or a constructive critique, allowed me to lose my dread of sharing my pieces.

-- A. C., Prose Mentee

It was extremely helpful being able to analyze other works and incorporate different styles into my writing.

-- S. R., Prose Mentee

I could tell the time and effort [my mentor] put into the classes, the responses, and in answering the many questions I got to ask!

-- C. K., Prose Mentee

A bit less rigid than, say, English classes at school, my calls with my mentor helped me explore new types of writing, work to improve my skills, and learn about the writing world in a free and open - yet still guided - format.

-- K. L. Prose Mentee

My experience within the Incandescent Studio has taught me greatly about experimental forms, the structure of stories, and how to generate creative ideas.

-- J. X., Prose Mentee

The Incandescent Studio has helped me be more confident.

-- A. T., Prose Mentee

This is easily the best writing program I've been to and it's clear that it was made for youth by youth.

-- J. L., Poetry Mentee

[My mentor] taught me in detail and told me how I could improve and what a poet should do. Like finding your voice.

-- G. Z., Poetry Mentee

[My mentor] helped me understand the fundamentals of writing a lot more.

-- A. W., Prose Mentee

My mentor is like my best friend. [She] is a kind, genuine, and insightful mentor who loved my extensive vocabulary of slang. I enjoyed doing the assignments she gave me; they didn't feel like assignments, they were actually fun.

-- W. D., Prose Mentee

I am more thoroughly able to analyze and understand text[s].

-- L. X., Poetry Mentee

It felt like a close-knit community.

-- M. P., Poetry Mentee

The assignments I completed weren't too complicated, but were enough that it made my mind do a workout and have to think more about story ideas and planning.

-- J. H., Prose Mentee

The homework was really enjoyable (unlike regular homework...)

-- L. Z., Poetry Mentee

I wrote more poems than I've ever written in five short weeks through my mentor's assignments, all of which I'm very proud of!

-- N. V., Poetry Mentee

[My mentor] was always willing to discuss material even further.

-- S. F., Prose Mentee

[My mentor] was never too busy to look over my work.

-- G. K., Poetry Mentee

[My mentor] helped shape my work by telling me what's missing.

-- S. W., Poetry Mentee

I feel that my show not tell skills have improved greatly.

-- A. Z., Prose Mentee

I especially loved calls with my mentor. [She] is a wonderful person, and she tries her best to teach me everything she knows, and is way too kind and thoughtful! Everything was just such a phenomenal experience, it was so much joy!

-- C. K., Prose Mentee

I always felt welcome in peer-editing workshops.

-- A. T., Poetry Mentee

It stretched me to go outside of my comfort zone and try things I wouldn’t have otherwise.

-- S. M., Poetry Mentee

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