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Tuition and Aid

The tuition for our five-week online program is $150 USD per mentee. We are proud to say that our tuition is several magnitudes reduced from that of our peer programs -- something we accomplish by being an all-volunteer staff. It is free to apply to the Studio.

We understand that our tuition may present a burden to some families, and we firmly believe that every talented writer should have a place in our program. We're committed to offering a robust financial aid program to every mentee who demonstrates need. The financial aid application is folded into the 2024 Mentee Application as an optional section.


Our admissions process is strictly need-blind, and our application readers have no connection to our finance team.


WHERE IS MY TUITION GOING? The Incandescent Studio is a fundraiser program for our parent company, The Incandescent Brand. 25% of our proceeds will be used to create a Teen Microgrant program, where we'll distribute funds to writing organizations that need seed money to start up. The remaining 75% will support the operations of the Incandescent as a whole, including aspects of the Studio itself (for this year's Studio, this includes honorariums for our Guest Readers). The Studio has also previously raised funds for UNICEF USA, donating over USD$5,000 in the last two years.

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