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There are dozens of creative writing programs out there, but most are for high-schoolers and adults. Our program opens the door to creative writing for younger, aspiring authors. We meet you exactly where you are: Through personalized mentorship and coaching, community-building and guaranteed publication opportunities, we'll guide you from writing in your bedroom to feeling comfortable sharing your work with a national audience.

Learn from an accomplished, deeply dedicated teaching team ready to go above and beyond

The opening line of one of our Mentor's introduction emails: "I'm here to be your teacher, but I'm also here to be your big sister." Our mentors aren't just prize-winning early-career writers -- they're also college students and peers, eager to guide a young writer along the path they just finished. Numerous mentees have remarked that their mentors went above and beyond to offer support. Learn more about our dedicated, warm, star-studded young faculty on our Mentors page.


One-on-one, personalized instruction designed specifically for you

You'll work one-on-one with a Mentor who's designed a curriculum tailored to your strengths and weaknesses. You'll get a personal Zoom call with your Mentor each week, plus a full developmental edit of whatever work you produce. We know that writing isn't one-size-fits-all; that's why our program offers extensive one-on-one tutoring, individualized for your needs.

Participate in group workshops, peer editing sessions, guest lectures, & more

Just because writing is an independent activity doesn't mean you have to write alone. We foster community within our Mentee cohort by hosting Mentor-led group workshops, peer editing sessions, and other bonding and recreational activities, including our annual Reading SeriesWe pair outstanding, personalized teaching with the community feel of a residential writer's workshop.


Guaranteed publication

We want to get your voice heard. Our program guarantees Mentees the opportunity to publish their work through our parent, The Incandescent Review, a national nonprofit youth literary magazine that boasts YoungArts Finalists and Scholastic National Gold Medalists as contributors. Mentors guide mentees through every step of the publication process. Head over to the Showcase tab to check out past student work.


Additional publication opportunities

Our publication opportunities don't stop with the Anthology. We've partnered up with six international youth literary magazines to offer an exclusive Publication Event, which includes a panel and expedited submissions. You'll leave our Studio with the tools to submit your work and get published on the national stage. We can't wait to see your words change our world.


Accessible, flexible tuition & commitment to financial aid

We believe every promising young writer deserves to have their voice heard, regardless of their financial circumstances. That's why we've priced our tuition several magnitudes lower than our peer programs -- at $30.00 USD per instructional week. And we offer a generous financial aid program to those for whom the tuition is a barrier to entry.


A truly international community

As an online program, we're able to tap into a truly global group of English-speaking writers and thinkers. Join a network that spans across the seas, with Mentors, Mentees, and staff hailing from the UK, the Philippines, all parts of the USA, and more.

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